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    1. Brief introduction

      Jin Bo valve factory specializing in manufacturing bellows valve manufacturers, strong technical force, rich design experience, detection methods and experimental equipment complete, perfect quality control system, the production of corrugated pipe valve in Wenzhou's premier. Products from the selection of materials to the bellows welding layers of checks, excellent product quality has won new and old customers, product quality stability, credibility, by the vast numbers of users at home and abroad.

      The company's products mainly in bellows valves, including international and American Standard bellows valve, bellows globe valve. The nominal diameter of DN10 - 350, PN1.6 - 4.0MPa American Standard pressure, NPS1/2 pressure, 150 '- 8' - 300Ib. In addition, the factory also produces valve, ball valve and American Standard international.

      I plant bellows valve research and development, breaking the original bellows valve import restrictions, to fill the gap in the field of production in China, the product is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, military and other fields. The factory is willing to make full use of favorable conditions and advantages, always adhere to the quality first, customer first business philosophy, and constantly develop new products, expand service areas, the spirit of 'not the biggest, but the best' principle, to provide satisfactory products and service wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign users from all walks of life. So that factories in the fierce market competition to survive and grow.


      • Tel:+86-0577-86829688Mob:13968892678
      • Fax:+86-0577-86811552
      • QQ:3099291
      • Email:jinbovalve@126.com
      • Web:m.dgkaiou.com
      • Add:Shacheng Industrial Zone,Longwan Wenzhou China
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